I'm Chardé !

Oh , man... am I ever so happy you've made it here! I am a Lafayette, Indiana based photographer. Specializing in Wedding Photography, as well as Lifestyle, and Family Photography. As a wife, and mother, I understand the importance of capturing all of the big, and little milestones in life. From your big day, to bringing children into this world. And every little detail in between. I have dedicated my life to capturing , and archiving these moments in my own life. And as your photographer, I will apply this same passion within my work for you. First by capturing your moments, and then helping you archive them, by providing a beautiful display of you, and your family's story , through prints, and albums. 

The Experience.

The one thing I hear the most from my clients, whether it be a long wedding day, or rounding up toddlers on a hot summer day. Is that it was stress free, and fun! I‘ll never get tired of hearing that, because it is that experience that I want to provide to my couples, and families. It isn’t just about getting the pictures, it is about spending time with your family. Laughing, and creating a genuine memory of happiness. I want you to be able to look at that moment, and remember all of the good from the day.

a little more about me...

Mrs. Barrett

I married my best friend Michael almost seven years ago. We met through a family member over a decade ago. He is my number one supporter , when it comes to following my dreams. And I wouldn't want to share this life with any one else.



The one who made a mama first. And the reason I even picked up a camera. I knew I wanted to capture her life beautifully. She is my little creative, and is already curious about the joys of photography.


Lily Belle

We call her "bells". Sometimes "hell's bells" Because she has absolutely no fear, and is the definition of wild! But on the other hand is as sweet as pie. Watching the two grow together has taught me the whole meaning of my being.


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