West Lafayette, Indiana Family Photographer

-since 2017-


Whether you have been documenting your story for years, or you're just starting. The important thing is that you're doing it! And I am here to help you along the way with your vision. I absolutely cannot wait to connect with you and start this journey.

Hey, I'm Chardé!

Pronounced (SHAR-DAY) don't worry - everyone butchers it.

In between bedtime stories and packing lunches, I have found solace and joy in freezing those fleeting moments that define the magic of family life, and major milestones. Each session and image holds a piece of my heart — a testament to the beauty found in the everyday chaos.
As a mother, I've learned that life’s true treasures lie in the giggles, messy hair, the tiny fingers holding onto mine, and the unspoken love that fills our days through photography.

Image by: Morris Moments Photography

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Lauren K.

“Chardé made family pictures with our toddler so fun and easy! We are absolutely blown away by the gorgeous photos and the sweet moments she captured. I know we will love having these photos to look back on even more as our little one grows up.”

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